Syria: Israeli Attack ‘Coordinated with Terrorists’

Foreign Ministry Says Strike a 'Declaration of War'

Syrian officials have sent a statement to the United Nations complaining about multiple Israeli attacks over the past three days, and accusing Israel of coordinating the attacks with terrorists.

The statement claimed the strikes aimed primarily at benefiting the Jabha al-Nusra rebels, who are openly allied with al-Qaeda, saying that there was “no room for doubt” that the two are working toward a common purpose.

Syria’s cabinet held an emergency meeting today related to the attacks, followed by giving lip-service to retaliation that Israeli officials maintain they are confident will never actually come.

Syria’s Foreign Ministry also says that the attack amounted to a “declaration of war,” though of course Israel and Syria remain in a state of war as they have for decades. The attack does risk a ceasefire that’s also been in place for decades, however.

Already struggling with the ongoing civil war, Israeli attacks further complicate the situation for the Assad government, but may also present a rhetorical opportunity, giving them a chance to court sympathy regionally while painting the rebellion as pro-Israeli in nature.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of