US Mulls Different Ways of Attacking Syria

Officials Say Attacking Chemical Stockpiles Probably the Worst Idea

The Obama Administration is still letting out minor details about their plans to attack Syria today, with the latest being that they are considering different options for the type of attack to launch, including attacking Syrian planes or anti-aircraft systems.

Officials say they have “all but ruled out” attacking Syria’s chemical weapons stockpiles, since it would be montrously stupid and would like cause “exactly the disaster you are trying to prevent.”

Attacks on Syria’s air defenses have been floated several times as an option, but isn’t nearly as easy as officials were making it out to be, since Syria has been acquiring a large amount of air defenses to fend off potential attacks.

In the end, officials say that several different options are on the table, and all of them except the obviously worst one are “more or less on equal footing.” Though recent polls have shown overwhelming American opposition to attacking Syria, it seems all of the “options” under consideration boil down to that in some form or other.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of