Bombings, Fighting Across Iraq as Tensions Soar

Iraqiya Pushes for UN Role After Army Retakes Sunni Town

Sectarian tensions continue to soar today in Iraq, with massive Sunni protests continuing in the face of a growing military crackdown and several bombings killing dozens in the capital city of Baghdad.

The military scored a gain in the north, as tanks rolled into the Sunni town of Suleiman Beg, while militias who had been guarding the town withdrew to the countryside.

The overall death toll for four days of fighting and violence is now in the ballpark of 300, with warnings from experts that the nation is rapidly approaching a tipping point where the sectarian civil war seen during the US occupation could begin anew.

Iraqiya, the largest party in parliament and also representative of the bulk of Iraq’s Sunni minority, is calling on the United Nations to play a bigger role in the country after the Tuesday attack on Hawija, saying that the Maliki government’s attempts to settle protests militarily need to be replaced with political negotiations.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of