DM: Israel May Have to Attack Iran Alone

Senate Vows Support for Any Israeli Attack on Iran

Speaking at one of Israel’s Independence Day celebrations, Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon insisted that Israel had to be prepared to launch a unilateral attack on Iran, saying that allowing Iran to continue with its program could lead to “disaster” and that Israel was likely to have to launch an attack alone.

Ya’alon’s hawkish speech, which blasted Western sanctions, was also echoed in Prime Minister Netanyahu’s own Independence Day speech, which focused on the need to attack Iran “for the sake of humanity.

Iran’s civilian nuclear program has been the target for pro-war speeches at virtually every Israeli holiday/commemoration in the past decade, but while US threats to attack have placated Israel in the past, officials are openly annoyed that the US hasn’t attacked Iran yet, and now seem convinced that they should just do it themselves.

If that happens, the US Senate has already vowed unconditional US support for the Israeli attack, saying that Israel has a “right” to attack Iran whenever it wants to and that the US will commit to providing continued aid to them no matter what.

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