NATO Air Strike Kills Four Police, Two Civilians in Central Afghanistan

Second Incident Killing Civilians in Less Than a Week

Another mistaken air strike in the Ghazni Province saw NATO warplanes attack a local police post in the Deh Yak District, killing four policemen and two civilian bystanders. The planes had reportedly been killed by the police for “assistance” in fending off an attack.

Instead of “assisting,” NATO bombed the police, destroying the building they were in. With the destruction of the police post, whatever attack NATO was called in to stop appears to have simply ended on its own.

NATO officials have insisted only that the killings are under “investigation.” The Ghazni provincial officials speculated that they were “mistaken for Taliban,” and said the target appeared to be police outside the post towing a vehicle.

This is the second botched air strike against Ghazni in less than a week, after a Saturday attack killed two children and wounded seven civilians outside of Ghazni City. NATO promised an investigation for that one too, but so far, as with many other incidents, has been mum on details.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of