Rebels Shell Damascus University: 15 Students Killed

White House 'Deeply Concerned' by Attack

A mortar attack by an as-yet-unidentified group of rebels have shelled Damascus University today, killing 15 people and wounding a number of others at the university cafeteria.

The university was likely not the intended target for the attack. Rather, it is located in central Damascus, not far from the Defense Ministry and President Bashar Assad’s official residence, either of which would be something rebels would be eager to hit.

The White House issued a statement expressing “deep concern” for the attack, but insisting they weren’t clear if rebels were responsible. They urged both sides to “abide by international law,” which would ban attacking a university full of civilians.

Yesterday, officials from unnamed Arab League nations reported that the growing amount of weaponry being given to Syrian rebels is a prelude to a rebel offensive against the capital. Today’s incident underscores how dangerous such clashes in areas still packed with civilians can be, something that has been seen in other cities as well, where locals either didn’t, or couldn’t, flee an oncoming attack and ended up trapped in the middle of it.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of