US Special Forces Ousted From Afghan Province Over Torture

Karzai Govt: US Troops Hassling, Murdering Civilians

Afghan President Hamid Karzai has ordered all US special forces out of the Wardak Province today after probes into torture and “disappearances” of innocent civilians turned up evidence of US involvement.

“It became clear that armed individuals named as U.S. special force stationed in Wardak province engage in harassing, annoying, torturing and even murdering innocent people,” Karzai said in a statement issued on the decision.

The probe centered on nine “disappeared” civilians, as well as a student taken from his home in a night raid and found dead two days later, his body showing signs of intense torture.

The US initially denied conducting the night raid in question, but has since said that it will not provide any additional comments on the Wardak cases until they consult more with the Karzai government.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of