Poll: Israelis Want Major Cuts in Settlement Funding, Military

Broad Support for Cuts Across Party Lines

A new survey from the group “Voting for a Social Budget” shows a broad disconnect between Israeli voters and government policies, with broad support for heavy cuts to the subsidies for settlements in the occupied West Bank as well as strong support for cuts in military spending.

Interesting, the data shows this support is pretty well equally strong across party lines, and that even voters who are planning to support the far-right parties running on pledges to expand settlements and the military generally would prefer to see those same programs cut to balance the budget.

Though this may seem strange, it is largely in keeping with other analyses of Israel’s upcoming election, which show that voters are choosing parties mostly on domestic issues and not the occupation and overseas wars.

Unfortunately disinterest in foreign policy seems to be paying dividends for the far-right parties in Israel’s election, which seem to be coasting to major gains in the January 22 election in spite of their disconnect with the voters.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.