Egypt Referendum Passes Second Round: Opposition Claims Fraud

Opposition Vows 'Long Struggle' Against Constitution, Morsi

Last week’s round of the Egyptian constitutional referendum passed with 56.5% voting in favor. As expected, given the second half of the vote was in more pro-Islamist regions, it passed this weekend as well, with reports of 64 percent voting in favor.

That doesn’t end the process, however, as the opposition factions that were claiming fraud in last week’s vote are claiming fraud in this week’s vote as well, insisting that they will never accept the vote and promising protests.

And not just protests against the constitution. National Salvation Front (NSF) officials say that they will challenge everything President Mohamed Morsi does, including his economic policies, and promised to contest every single law passed under the new constitution.

The NSF is made up of a number of opposition parties, but does not have significant political power, since Morsi’s Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) have swept every election held so far. The opposition has been able to organize major protests against some policies, like a former edict that Morsi issued claiming courts had no oversight over him. Their ability to rally protests in general remain very much in doubt, however.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of