Syria Rebels Briefly Capture Helicopter Base Near Damascus

Destroyed Helicopters, Looted Ammo, and Left

Syrian rebels briefly captured the Marj al-Sultan helicopter base on the outskirts of Damascus early this morning, capping a battle in which 15 rebels and eight soldiers were reportedly slain.

Which faction the rebels were from was not initially clear, but the group reportedly sacked the base, destroyed two helicopters and looted ammunition from the base before leaving. Other helicopters on the base appear to have been undamaged in the attack.

With the regime increasingly relying on air power to contest rebel control over outlying areas, rebel factions have increased attacks on air bases, attempting to damage the facilities and the aircraft that use them.

The rebels seem to be able to successfully attack such bases but rarely able to hold on to them, with their fighters just grabbing everything that isn’t nailed down and retreating before regime counterattacks.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of