Israel Claims 120 ‘Terrorists’ Killed in Gaza War

Military Provides No Evidence to Back Up Claim

Shortly after the ceasefire took hold, the Israeli military’s spokesman claimed that 177 Palestinians were killed in the course of the week-long war on the Gaza Strip, and that 120 were “engaged in terrorist activities.”

No evidence was provided to back up this claim, and indeed it flies in the face of what information we’ve had of victims, with only a handful identified as top Hamas military commanders and some other strikes referencing rocket teams. The figure suggests the IDF simply subtracted women and children from the list and termed the rest presumptive terrorists.

Which isn’t that surprising, as Israeli officials, including government spokesman Mark Regev have made statements disavowing seemingly innocent people, like domestic Gazan journalists who he termed “not legitimate media” to spurn claims that Israel was deliberately attacking the media. One can only assume the slain journalists were in the “120” figure.

Interestingly the IDF figure is also the highest death toll yet reported, with the latest Gaza Health Ministry figures saying “more than 150,” and the best estimate from PCHR, which is trying to identify every single victim by name, has listed at least 90 confirmed civilians among the dead, including 30 children.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of