Israeli Strikes Kill 31, Gaza Toll Now Over 107 Since War Began

Over 700 Wounded Across Strip Since Wednesday

Israeli strikes on the Gaza Strip killed another 31 people today, with the overwhelming majority already confirmed as civilians. The attacks bring the overall toll since the Israeli offensive began to over 107 slain.

The single largest incident took place in central Gaza today, when an attack on a civilian neighborhood killed a family of 12, including a large number of children. Israeli officials blamed the attack on a “targeting” mistake.

At least 13 of the civilians slain so far in the war have been children, with multiple victims under the age of five. Of the over 700 people wounded so far, a large number are also believed to be children.

Egypt has been feverishly trying to negotiate a ceasefire but so far that does not appear to be getting much headway, with Hamas balking at some of the more onerous Israeli demands, and several Israeli officials suggesting they oppose a ceasefire on general principle, believing that a protracted war is more advantageous.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of