Israel Kills More Civilians as Gaza Attacks Escalate

Rockets From Gaza Slow, But No End in Sight

Israeli warplanes attacked the Interior Ministry today in the Gaza Strip and killed two senior Hamas military commanders in some of what were ultimately at least 200 distinct attacks against the tiny strip today alone.

Other strikes hit refugee camps in the strip, and several children were among the dead overall. The bulk of the strikes never had any obvious target and seemingly just hit random residential neighborhoods.

Estimates on the ground say that some 250 civilians have been wounded since Israel started the war on Wednesday, though Israeli officials have been mum on the matter, preferring to emphasize the handful of intended targets they actually hit while insisting that they are making some vague efforts to not hit civilians.

Despite predictions of increased retaliation for the Israeli offensive, rockets from the strip actually slowed today, according to some reports coming at the behest of Egyptian officials who were pressuring Hamas not to retaliate.

The relative lack of retaliation doesn’t appear to enter into the equation for Israeli officials right now, with Defense Minister Ehud Barak insisting he “sees no reason” to stop attacking and other suggesting that the attacks on the strip could go on for weeks, regardless of the reaction or lack thereof.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of