Pakistan FM: We Agree With Drone Strike Aims, But Not Methods

'Unilateral Strikes' Remain Illegal, Khar Insists

In what is the closest thing to a response to US drone strike defenses that we’re ever liable to see from the current Pakistani government, Foreign Minister Hina Khar insisted today that she “accepts” the US government’s reasons for the strikes, and is fine with the aims of the programs.

“If they’re going for terrorists – we do not disagree,” Khar added, though she did say that Pakistan continues to consider the strikes “illegal and unlawful” and is not accomplishing its overall goals.

This half-hearted criticism, with all its qualifications, is liable to add to the Obama Administration’s belief that even if they won’t admit it publicly, they have the “tacit consent” of the Pakistani government.

Since Obama took office, US drone strikes have killed thousands in Pakistan, with only a few dozen ever positively identified one way or another. The US claims to have sent faxes to Pakistan detailing their intention to strike certain regions, but never heard back, saying that they assume this meant Pakistan was okay with it.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of