US Not Branding Pakistan a ‘State Sponsor of Terror,’ Yet

Officials: No Consensus on Pakistan in Administration

From the very start the Obama Administration’s efforts to declare the Haqqani Network a “foreign terrorist organization” (FTO) was seen as a step on the path to declaring Pakistan a “state sponsor of terror.”

But having made that declaration on the Haqqanis Friday, the administration is now insisting to journalists that no efforts are currently in progress to declare Pakistan a “state sponsor” of terrorism, though they concede that there is no “consensus” on the matter.

No efforts may be in progress at this moment, but it is clear that the Obama Administration’s relationship with Pakistan has grown progressively worse, and Friday’s declaration is a de facto threat in this regard.

After all, the administration had already imposed sanctions on the entire leadership of the Haqqani Network and have been overtly trying to assassinate its membership with drone strikes. It seems there was no reason to declare the Haqqanis an FTO on top of all of this except to antagonize Pakistan.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of