US Hypocritically Accuses Iran of Sending Pro-Regime Militias to Syria

Iranian meddling in Syria is condemned, while US-backed regime change by proxy is just

The United States on Tuesday arrogantly accused Iran of surreptitiously meddling in Syria by setting up a pro-regime militia, forgetting to mention that the US and its allies face the very same accusations and are aiding rebel militias to oust the Assad regime.

“It is obvious that Iran has been playing a larger role in Syria in many ways,” US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said at a joint press conference with the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey, AFP reports.

Panetta claimed the US has evidence that Iran’s Revolutionary Guards are “trying to develop, trying to train a militia within Syria to be able to fight on behalf of the regime.”

“We are seeing a growing presence by Iran and that is of deep concern to us,” Panetta added. If true, the accusation amounts to Iran is sending military aid to Syria, it’s longtime ally. This, of course, is in response to the proxy war funded and weaponized by the US and its allies with the aim of overthrowing the Assad regime. Yet, it’s Iran’s interventionism that is “of deep concern,” not America’s.

Panetta also claimed Iran is worsening an already violent situation in Syria. “We do not think that Iran ought to play that role at this moment in time, that’s dangerous…It’s adding to the killing that’s going on in Syria.”

But that is precisely what the US has been doing. Support for the rebels has emboldened the opposition, prolonged the conflict, prompted the arrival of new foreign fighters some with ties to al-Qaeda, and perhaps delivered a pretext for the Assad regime to crackdown.

UN rights chief Navi Pillay has condemned the continued flow of weapons from foreign powers to both sides in the Syrian conflict. “The ongoing provision of arms to the Syrian government and to its opponents feeds additional violence,” she said. “Any further militarization of the conflict must be avoided at all costs.”

Indeed, White House spokesman Jay Carney told a press briefing in May that “further militarization of the situation in Syria…would lead to greater chaos, greater carnage.” Then Washington proceeded to cement its policies of delivering arms from Saudi Arabia and Qatar to the rebels, as well as sending communications gear and intelligence assistance to the rebels, all while NATO ally Turkey trains rebel fighters in military combat.

Similarly, the Obama administration certainly excepted no criticism when it continued sending military aid to the dictatorship in Bahrain, and when US ally Saudi Arabia sent in its militias to brutally quell the democratic uprising there. But when Iran takes the same action, it receives rounds of condemnation from Washington.

The same hypocrisy holds in almost every case of international relations. What is acceptable and just for America, is cruel and nefarious for its enemies.

Author: John Glaser

John Glaser writes for