Aide: Egypt’s Mursi May Seek Full Sovereignty Over Sinai

As Security Crackdown Grows, Egypt Seeks to Get Out From Under Israel's Thumb

US officials railing about Egypt’s comparatively small military presence in the Sinai Peninsula seem to forget that under the Camp David Accords the amount of troops they’re “allowed” to keep there is limited, and increases require Israeli approval.

With new President Mohammed Mursi looking to escalate a crackdown against militants along the border with Israel that aspect of the treaty may well be under review, according to a top aide of Mursi.

In an interview with an Egyptian paper, aide Mohamed Gadallah says Mursi is looking at the possibility of amending the treaty to declare full sovereignty over the peninsula, presumably allowing Egypt broader leeway to act unilaterally in the area.

Israeli officials have in the past reacted with extreme hostility to the idea of any changes to the treaty, at times saying the notion that the 30+ year old pact could be revised proved that negotiations with Arab nations were impossible. Israel seems eager to see this crackdown too, however, so the rhetoric may be toned down some in this case.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of