US Won’t Rule Out Syria No-Fly Zone

Brennan Touts US Aid to Syrian Rebels

Speaking today before the Council on Foreign Relations, top Obama aide John Brennan defended the Obama Administration’s aide to Syrian rebels, saying it was growing all the time and that the administration was careful not to let it go to the al-Qaeda affiliated part of the rebels.

Brennan sought to downplay the seriousness of the al-Qaeda factor in Syria, despite regular suicide bombings and terrorist attacks on behalf of the rebel movement, saying that the “overwhelming majority” of the rebels were not terrorists.

Brennan went on to discuss the imposition of a “no-fly zone” over Syria, something which has been pushed on and off as a way to get the US into the business of imposing regime change in the nation. The US used a similar claim of a “no-fly zone” for humanitarian reasons to launch a full scale war of regime change against Libya, saying it was the only way to ensure the zone would be respected.

Brennan insisted that President Obama has never ruled out using a “no-fly zone” in Syria, but it would seemingly be difficult to convince the UN to back the move after the way it was used in Libya. Russia and China have both opposed several resolutions on the Syrian civil war, fearing the US would use them as an excuse to invade.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of