Pakistan, Afghanistan Trade Charges of Cross-Border Attacks

Pakistan Says 60 Troops Invaded, Killed Tribesmen

Tensions are soaring again between Pakistan and Afghanistan tonight, with both nations accusing the other of violating their borders in separate incidents. Pakistan claimed 60 Afghan soldiers launched a cross-border raid into their tribal areas.

During this alleged tribal area raid, the Pakistani government says that the Afghan troops attacked a group of tribesmen in a 90-minute gunbattle which left two tribesmen dead. Afghanistan denied any knowledge of such a raid.

At the same time, Afghanistan accused Pakistan of firing rockets against the Kunar Province, further to the east from the tribal incident, and said that Pakistan had killed four civilians with rocket fire since March. They threatened to report Pakistan to the UN Security Council.

Both stories are unproven but plausible, as both Pakistan and the NATO occupation forces in Afghanistan have traded accusations that the other is allowing “safe havens” for militants to launch cross-border attacks. NATO has accused Pakistan of providing those safe havens in the tribal areas while Pakistan about several attacks coming out of Kunar, including one last week that killed 13 Pakistani soldiers.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of