Top US General Accused of Obstructing Corruption Probe For Obama’s Sake

Lt. Gen. Caldwell blocked inquiries into widespread Afghan mismanagement and abuse to aid Obama's 'election cycle'

The top US Army general in charge of training Afghan security forces is being accused of obstructing an investigation into widespread corruption and abuse by Afghan security forces and military medical staff that he managed.

In the interest of protecting his supposed close relationship with President Obama and of concealing major missteps “during an election cycle,” Lt. Gen. William Caldwell allegedly blocked a Defense Department investigation into an alleged criminal drug-running enterprise and senior-level abuse of Afghan medical staff.

Scores of millions of US taxpayer dollars are alleged to have disappeared off of the Afghan Army medical corps balance sheets. Other allegations include illegally selling pharmaceuticals meant for Afghan troops, hiring physicians based on political connections for higher pay, and terrible neglect and abuse of patients.

Air Force Col. Schuyler Geller, who served under Caldwell, has claimed that Caldwell and there high-level officials knew about the rampant abuse and corruption, but kept it under wraps.

“How could we think to invite the DOD IG [the Pentagon inspector general] in during an election cycle?” Caldwell allegedly screamed at subordinate officers who favored an investigation into the abuse. Caldwell is said to have demanded the call for an inquiry be retracted.

As support for the Afghan war sinks to all-time lows, rampant corruption and failure have become the norm along with constant needless death, waste, and abuse. Given how poor the public image of ‘Obama’s war’ is, this additional pock mark is unlikely to harm the administration any further.

Author: John Glaser

John Glaser writes for