Egypt Embassy: Shafiq Wins 100 Percent of Vote in Israel

Mursi Doesn't Win a Single Vote, Officials Claim

The run-off vote between former Mubarak loyalist Air Marshall Ahmed Shafiq and the Muslim Brotherhood’s Dr. Mohammed Mursi doesn’t actually happen until next weekend in Egypt, but votes among Egypt’s expat community are already being finalized, with Israel’s vote the first to come in.

The results, as reported by the Egyptian Embassy in Tel Aviv, are certain to raise eyebrows as well as fuel rumors about the military junta’s plan to install Shafiq, as they claimed that 100 percent of the votes were cast in favor of Shafiq, with not a single vote in favor of Dr. Mursi.

Embassy officials say that only around 70 Egyptians actually voted in Israel, but the idea that either candidate could carry every single vote is nothing short of stunning. Shafiq also carried a strong majority in the first round of voting, with Hamdeen Sabahi finishing second place.

The low turnout was reflected in both rounds, and is somewhat surprising when one considers that some 5,000 Egyptians live in neighboring Israel. The embassy says that the result “makes sense for Israel.” Saudi Arabia’s Egyptian expats are expected to see results tomorrow as well.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of