Clinton Demands Iran Offer Concessions Before Moscow Talks

Negotiation 'Have Never Been About Intentions or Sincerity'

Speaking today in Norway, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warned that Iran had to offer all of the concessions that the US sought before the June 17 Moscow talks, and that nothing short of this would be acceptable.

“Our negotiations with Iran have never been about intentions or sincerity,” Clinton admitted, adding that the US would decide before the Moscow talks begin whether or not Iran’s concessions are sufficient to placate them.

Exactly what the US demands are at any given moment aren’t all that clear, as officials will hint at deals and then insist that they are “obviously” not going to accept anything short of full abandonment of their civilian program.

Clinton’s new position is being presented as a “deadline” for Iran, but she wasn’t clear if the US intended to attack Iran ahead of the Moscow talks or simply to continue stonewalling any P5+1 agreements to spite Iran for not knuckling under sooner.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of