Report: 90 Killed in Fighting in Syria’s Homs

Rebels Term Deaths a 'Massacre' by Regime Forces

Major clashes were reported in the major Syrian province of Homs today, ending with reports of the regime shelling portions of the city and some 90 people killed, including many children.

The toll is one of the worst since the United Nations-brokered ceasefire began last month, and though violence is generally down nationwide combatants on both sides are continuing to launch attacks on a virtually daily basis.

So far there is no conclusive information about how the latest round of fighting started, though rebels claimed that the regime had just attacked the town of Houla at random and was committing a “massacre.

State media claimed that terrorists in Homs had attacked local police and that the military had responded to assist. They also claimed that a number of security personnel were killed in the fighting. Needless to say, neither the regime nor the rebels has been particularly reliable in their reports, and both tend to try to uniformly blame the other for violence.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of