Gen. Allen Expected to Leave Afghanistan Next Year

Vice Adm. Harward Seen as Likely Replacement

The game of musical chairs at the top of the Afghan occupation force looks set to continue, and Gen. John Allen, the current commander, is expected to be replaced early next year, putting an end to the term of the fourth commander of the occupation since President Obama’s election.

Allen’s departure will continue a trend of officials serving a year or less as the commander before either being “promoted” elsewhere or fired outright. Allen will reportedly be made Supreme Allied Commander for Europe.

Though obviously all of this is purely speculative, Vice Admiral Robert Harward has apparently been tapped as his successor. He is currently deputy head of Central Command (CENTCOM).

Harward, a Navy Seal, has a long history in special operations positions, heading up Navy Seal efforts in Bosnia and the 2003 invasion of Iraq. He also was in charge of the various US detention facilities in Afghanistan.

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