Afghan Commanders Show ‘Defiance’ Toward US

US Insists Afghan Reluctance on Night Raids Not Actually Stopping the Raids

In an effort Afghan officials are presenting as proof of their growing control over the war, Afghan military commanders are reportedly treating US calls for night raids with “defiance,” having actually vetoed “more than a dozen” such raids when too many civilians were in the area.

Afghan Gen. Sher Mohammad Karimi insisted that as many as 16 night raids had been stopped, but conceded that several of them had been launched “later” after the civilians had left the area.

The US downplayed the significance of the move, saying that “operational tempo” was not effected and that a “good number of operations” have been launched every single night since the US granted Afghanistan nominal veto power over them.

Despite making much of granting the veto power, the US has planned to ignore it for the most part, saying they will continue to launch “unilateral” raids whenever they wish, and JSOC and CIA run night raids remain outside of Afghan oversight.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of