CIA Withheld Info From Britain, Fearing Transparency

UK Courts Not Secret Enough for US Tastes

Long one of the closest intelligence partners of the United States, the CIA is now withholding data from British officials, even related to threats inside Britain, fearing that the nation’s court system isn’t nearly secretive enough.

UK officials say that the CIA warned Britain’s MI6 only in general terms about a “Mumbai-style” attack by al-Qaeda some 18 months ago, but refused to provide any specific details and left Britain to figure everything out themselves.

The Obama Administration has had it in for Britain and its annoying transparency since February 2010, when British courts revealed US torture of UK citizen and Gitmo detainee Binyam Mohamed, and US officials warned that it would harm “future intelligence sharing.”

It apparently has, and UK Justice Secretary Ken Clarke said he believes that the US is “nervous that we are going to start revealing information and they have started cutting back.” The British government was against the court’s revelation of Mohamed’s mistreatment, claiming it was a threat to national security to admit that they knowingly allowed his torture in US custody.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of