Report: Syrian Rebels Commit Serious Human Rights Abuses

Detention of Assad Supporters, Summary Executions Reported

A new report from Human Rights Watch, taking the form of an open letter to the self-described rebel leadership faction the Syrian National Council (SNC), has warned that rebel forces are increasingly committing serious human rights abuses.

The list of violations of human rights is an extensive one, with rebel factions taking part in the kidnapping and torture of Assad supporters, and some reportedly carrying out summary executions of Syrian civilians.

Interestingly the report notes that opposition to Assad rule was overwhelmingly peaceful until September, and has gotten increasingly violent since then. This is particularly noteworthy because the group that eventually became the Syrian National Council (SNC) formed in late August.

Since the SNC’s creation, the international community has overwhelmingly backed exiled groups like them and the Free Syrian Army (FSA), at the exclusion of peaceful protesters who are now mostly an afterthought in Syria’s civil war.

Meanwhile the US Treasury Department announced today that it has warned the Lebanese government that it needs to comply with US-imposed sanctions against Syria. The current ruling coalition in Lebanon is close with Syria, whereas the opposition group is overwhelmingly US backed.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of