As Syrian Rebellion Flounders, More Calls for Foreign Invasion

Clashes Reported on Damascus Outskirts

Syria’s full scale civil war seems to be rapidly quieting down, with the routs of rebel forces leaving fewer and fewer major battles left to be fought. Small clashes were reported on the outskirts of Damascus, but overall it has been one of the quietest Fridays in recent memory.

The reality that the Free Syrian Army (FSA) isn’t going to conquer the country on its own, however, is having another effect. The public rallies organized by the opposition are increasingly focused on demanding foreign invasions.

“The people want military intervention, the Free Syrian Army to be armed, and the fall of the regime,” the protesters chanted. The FSA’s operations have slowed across the nation with the group’s leadership claiming a major shortage of ammunition.

But while the rebels are still able to muster decently large crowds in some major cities, the regime has also put on its own pro-Assad rallies, particularly in Damascus, celebrating the survival of the current government.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of