78 Percent of Americans Oppose Invading Syria

Strong Opposition Also Seen to Arming Rebels

A new Fox News Poll is showing overwhelming opposition among American voters to a potential US invasion of Syria, with fully 78 percent of respondees rejecting the idea of sending ground troops to intervene in the nation’s civil war.

The poll also showed solid opposition to lesser forms of military intervention, with 68 percent opposing air strikes aimed at regime change and 64 percent opposing the US arming the rebel factions.

A separate Pew Research poll also showed strong opposition to US intervention, with some 64 percent of Americans saying that the US does not have a responsibility to “do something about” the ongoing fighting in the nation.

The polls are being spun as “in-line” with American opposition to the attack on Libya last year, which the Obama Administration did anyhow. With Libya already in the process of falling apart at the seams, however, it may be difficult for the president to start yet another war on that model.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.