Syrian Opposition Claims ‘New Massacre’ in Homs

Says 44 Slain in 'Reprisal Killings'

With the United Nations humanitarian chief gone from Homs after yesterday’s visit, a new statement from one of the opposition factions claims that a “new massacre” is ongoing in the city, with at least 44 reported killed.

The faction, the Local Co-Ordination Committees, says that the killings centered on a handful of families in the Jobar District, and were “reprisal killings” by the Assad government after weeks of disputed control of the city.

Opposition figures also angrily condemned the UN emergency aid chief for her visit to the city, declaring that she was “too late” and that the visit was “useless.” This of course came with further calls from the opposition factions for western military intervention.

As usual, there was no way to confirm the claims of a massacre, as there are no independent journalists in the area and Syria’s state media has barely even acknowledged anything happened in Homs, despite nearly a solid month of fighting with rebels for control of Baba Amro.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of