Pentagon: Despite Riots, Afghan Occupation Strategy ‘Remains Sound’

Press Secretary Claims 'Significant Progress' in War

At a briefing today, Pentagon Press Secretary George Little insisted that the military leadership and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta remain “fully committed” to the current US strategy of occupation in Afghanistan, and that the nationwide riots aren’t going to change anything.

We’re not going to let the events of the past week, which are regrettable and unfortunate and tragic, influence the long-horizon view,” Little insisted, adding that the “fundamentals of our strategy remain sound.”

Exactly what that strategy is at this point beyond “stay the course” isn’t clear, as some 11 years into the occupation violence is still calamitous nationwide, and the current estimation from the war in the US intelligence community is that things are going extremely poorly.

Today’s comments are not an attempt to answer the ongoing questions about the war as such, but instead to dismiss the growing concerns that, with the latest Quran burning, the military is even further away than previously thought from the “hearts and minds” victory that it is constantly promising is just over the horizon.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of