Israeli Officials Blame Iran for Recent Bombings, Despite Lack of Evidence

The bombs used in India, Georgia, and Thailand were 'strikingly reminiscent' of those in Israeli-supported attacks on Iranian scientists

Israeli officials continued to blame Iran for a series of botched bombings in Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, despite denials from Iran of any involvement.

Three individuals carrying Iranian passports in Bangkok accidentally blew the roof off of their rented home and proceeded to run away, then one attempted and failed to blow up a taxi cab that refused to pick him up and instead tore his own legs off in a third explosion. This, the Israelis alarmingly called Iranian terrorism.

Thai officials initially declined to speak on the investigation, saying they did not have evidence of direct involvement from Tehran. But Thailand police chief Gen. Prewpan Dhamapong said Thursday “I can tell you that the target was specific and aimed at Israeli diplomatic staff.”

This was supposed to have linked the Thai bombings to two other attempted yet failed attacks by Iranians to kill Israeli diplomats in India and Georgia earlier in the week. Reportedly, the bombs used in all three countries, some of which were magnetically attached to cars, were similar, denoting similar origin. “The type of improvised explosives they used were the same. The type that was attached to vehicles,” Prewpan said.

Still, officials in India, Georgia, and Thailand have all stopped short of speculating on who might be responsible for these attacks. Notably, however, all three attacks “were strikingly reminiscent of the bombings — also featuring the use of magnetic devices — that have killed several Iranian scientists,” reports the Washington Post.

U.S. officials have confirmed that Israel has funded, armed, and trained an Iranian dissident group to carry out terrorist attacks killing Iranian scientists inside Iran. In those attacks, magnetic bombs were attached to cars in apparently the same way as happened in Georgia, India, and Thailand – which were supposedly aimed at Israeli diplomats, but not one of which succeeded.

Israeli officials and hawks in the U.S. have tried to use these failed operations as evidence of Iranian support for terror and aggression around the world. But so far no evidence of Iranian involvement has surfaced.

Author: John Glaser

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