Arab League Nations Look to Arm Syria Rebels as Clashes Grow

Resolution Authorizes 'Material Support' to Free Syrian Army

With violence flaring up nationwide and clashes between Syrian military forces and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) defectors reported in several major cities, the Arab League is pushing for more intervention in the nation.

Hoping for the UN to back a full-scale invasion presumably dead on arrival, the Arab League has passed a new resolution authorizing its member nations to take “all options to protect the Syrian people.”

This is most likely meant to urge the countries to meddle in the incipient civil war. The resolution explicitly calls on Arab nations to “provide all kinds of political and material support” to the Free Syrian Army (FSA).

Weapons are already reportedly flowing into Syria from neighboring Iraq, along with a flow of fighters embracing the al-Qaeda leadership’s call to help the rebels fight against the Assad regime.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of