Cairo Interior Ministry Under Siege Amid Mass Protests

Soccer Riots Fill Tahrir Square Again

Cairo’s legendary Tahrir Square has filled up once again. Fans of Egyptian Premier League champions Al-Ahly S.C. are conducting massive protests against the Egyptian Interior Ministry, blamingĀ it for the deadly riots in Port Said yesterday.

The fans allege that the military junta, supported by the Interior Ministry’s security forces, stood by while pro-junta forces attacked fans of Al-Ahly, on the supposed grounds that the most vocal fans of the team were also loudly anti-Mubarak.

At this point, the team’s fans have put the Interior Ministry HQ under a state of virtual siege. Thousands are surrounding the compound and tearing down the barbed wire security forces put in front of it.

Hundreds were wounded in clashes with police around the Interior Ministry, and two people were reported killed in a separate demonstration in Suez. The junta turned over the Egyptian Football Federation’s board of directors to prosecutors after the riot.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of