Prosecution: Mubarak Clearly Authorized Shoot-to-Kill Policy on Protesters

Egypt's American enablers in Washington have yet to face any legal repercussions for their part in the repression

Prosecutors in the Hosni Mubarak trial claim Egypt’s ousted president, his security chief and six top police officers were the “actual instigators” of the killing of more than 800 protesters during Arab Spring protests last year.

Mubarak and his seven co-defendants could face the death penalty if convicted, as Chief Prosecutor Mustafa Suleiman claims, of authorizing the use of live ammunition and a shoot-to-kill policy against peaceful protesters.

Concerns arose earlier in the week that Mubarak’s charges might be dropped after security officers in a separate trial were acquitted and after Lawyers for families of killed protesters tried unsuccessfully to have the presiding judges, who they claim are corrupt, replaced.

No word, of course, has been uttered about Mubarak’s American enablers in Washington, who for years provided unrivaled economic and military aid to his regime, including the riot gear, tear gas, and live rounds used against protesters.

Now, Egypt’s current military rulers have  solidified their undemocratic rule and continued brutal repression of reform-minded protesters all while U.S. money and weapons have continued to flow. Legal repercussions for these latest abuses by the military junta have not even been pursued, let alone for their supporters in the U.S. government.

Author: John Glaser

John Glaser writes for