Karzai Will ‘Allow’ Taliban Office in Qatar

Insists Other Nations Need 'Permission' to Negotiate

Saying that they will “allow” the Taliban to set up an office in the nation of Qatar, the NATO-backed Hamid Karzai government today issued a series of demands on how that office will have to work.

In its statement, the Afghan council said that any negotiations between the Taliban and other nations would require a representative from the government to be present and would require official permission to go forward.

The demands are significant, but whether or not the Karzai government can actually force anyone to follow them is another matter. Indeed, most of the talks with the Taliban seem to start behind the government’s back and they are only brought into the deal as a courtesy near the end.

Even this may start being less common after US officials say that Karzai’s government ruined a deal with the Taliban which would’ve seen a prisoner exchange from Guantanamo Bay when they announced that they were opposed to the idea of any prisoner swaps.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.