Report: Obama Seeks to Sell Thousands of Bunker Buster Bombs to UAE

Sale Would Reflect Growing Aggression Toward Iran

Already faced with growing threats that either the United States or Israel will attack, officials say Iran will face a new threat next week when President Obama unveils plans to sell thousands of “bunker buster” bombs to the United Arab Emirates.

The sale would include some 4,900 “joint direct attack munitions” as well as a number of other weapons systems. The size of the deal in dollar figures has not yet been unveiled but is believed to be significant.

The Obama Administration has dramatically increased the amount of weapons it sells to the gulf nations, nominally in an effort to “increase pressure on Iran,” but also as part of his promise to increase US weapons exports going forward.

Which makes a lot more sense, since no one seriously believes any number of bunker buster weapons is going to induce the tiny United Arab Emirates to attack its much larger neighbor across the Gulf, despite tensions between the two nations.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of