NATO Destroys Kosovo Roadblock, But Serbs Rebuild

Troops Chased Serbs Away, But Road Remains Impassable

In an extremely straightforward example of how military force doesn’t solve long-standing problems, NATO troops attacked a roadblock in northern Kosovo today, destroying the roadblock and scattering the ethnic Serbs who were nearby.

Within the hour, the Serbs were back, and put up an identical roadblock on the exact same road, rendering NATO’s show of force completely pointless. The process has recurred over the past several weeks.

The roadblocks were built in the wake of NATO’s invasion of the region, a move backed by the ethnic Albanian government to prevent the Kosovar Serbs from trading with their neighbors in Serbia. The roadblocks have made it difficult for NATO to deploy troops to the border to prohibit trade.

Since the 2008 declaration of independence, the Kosovo government had mostly ignored the Serb-dominated north, except for condemning calls from the region to be allowed to secede from Kosovo, just as Kosovo itself had seceded from Serbia. Though NATO backed Kosovo’s secession, they have ruled out allowing northern Kosovo to secede from the rest of the nation.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of