Facing Outcry, FBI Shelves Seminar on How Violent Muslims Are

Lecturer Insisted the More Religious a Muslim Is, the More Violent

In a move fueled by public outcry and aimed at stemming yet another in a long line of public relations disasters, the FBI has announced that it is cancelling its training academy seminar on the inherent evilness of Muslims.

The lecture centered around accusing Muslim charities of being a “funding mechanism for combat” and claiming that mainstream American Muslims are “likely to be terrorist sympathizers.” The lecture included a chart claiming the more religious a Muslim is, the more violent he will be.

It was just one more cause for concern in Muslim-American communities, where FBI surveillance of mosques is already virtually a routine part of life. The surveillance takes on an even more sinister tone when coupled with lectures that lay out an FBI policy of overt persecution.

Cancelling the lecture in and of itself, however, likely means very little, and is more of a public relations move than a serious change in the bureau’s overall policy. An endless list of other shameful moves by the FBI have come and gone in the past, and this is likely to just be one more, quickly forgotten and replaced when the next scandal crops up.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.