August: Deadliest Month for US in Afghanistan

Civilian Deaths Go Uncounted as Ever

We thought July was deadly in Afghanistan.

But August was already showing its deadly side by mid-month, after the Taliban shot down a US helicopter and bombings, shootings, and drone strikes killed dozens.

Two weeks later, this last month has been proved the deadliest ever for American soldiers in Afghanistan, with 66 killed, beating out July 2010 by just one death. The news comes on the very day Obama spoke to the American Legion in Minneapolis on veterans issues, including medical care and their struggle to find employment at home.

Left uncounted, as usual, is the Afghan civilian toll. At least dozens have been killed this month in shootings and bombings by insurgents and occupying forces. In March, the UN declared 2010 the deadliest year yet for Afghan civilians.

Author: Jeremy Sapienza

Jeremy Sapienza is Senior Editor at