Official: One Israeli Attack on Iran Not Enough

Insists US Needs to Provide 'Credible Military Threat'

In a briefing today with foreign reports, a top anonymous official within the Israeli army announced that a “single strike” by the Israeli military against Iran would not be sufficient to destroy the nation’s nuclear program.

Israel has repeatedly threatened to attack Iran over the past several years, claiming that their nuclear program poses an “existential threat,” something which has been thrown about by Israeli politicians over virtually every issue of prominence that comes along.

The admission that an Israeli attack won’t stop Iran’s program, putting aside the inherent falsehood behind the claims that Iran is developing “atomic weapons” with its inconvenient to destroy civilian program, comes with a ready-made solution, according to the official.

Instead of Israel, officials say the US should provide the “credible military threat” against Iran that would force them to abandon the program. The US has, of course, threatened such an attack nearly as often as Israel, but after years of such threats it seems mostly a form of punctuation for jingoistic politicians instead of a formal statement of policy.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of