Iraq Protests to Turkey Over Airstrikes Against Kurdistan

Govt Accuses Turkey of 'Violating Sovereignty' and Targeting Civilians

According to a statement released today by the Iraqi Foreign Ministry, the government summoned the Ambassador from Turkey to formally demand that the Turkish military halt all its bombardment against Iraqi territory.

The Turkish military reported yesterday that a week of attacks against Iraqi Kurdistan had killed at least 100 people. Among the slain were at least seven civilians killed in a strike that hit a Kurdish village.

The latest round of attacks started after Kurdish rebels loyal to the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) ambushed and killed eight Turkish soldiers and fled into neighboring Iraq. It is, however, just the latest in years of strikes since the US occupation began in 2003.

The big change, then, comes on Iraq’s side, where the Foreign Ministry is complaining that the strikes are violating their sovereignty and accused Turkey of deliberately targeting civilians. This is a major difference from years of ambivalence about the strikes.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of