Clinton ‘Warns’ Pakistan, Demands Action Against ‘List’ of Targets

Another US Effort to Improve Ties Devolves Into Angry Demands

Two weeks ago it was Admiral Mullen. Last week it was Sen. Kerry (D – MA). This weekend, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton tried her hands at “improving” the increasingly strained relationship with Pakistan. Once again, it has ended the same.

Instead of reconciliation, Secretary Clinton’s visit was full of warnings and demands, She noted that US and Pakistani relations are at a “critical point,” then proceded to demand “decisive steps” from the Zardari government.

Which, as with all steps the Obama Administration is keen on, means killing people. According to US and Pakistani officials, Secretary Clinton delivered a “list” of people that the Obama Administration wants the Zardari government to immediately attack.

The list’s contents were unsurprising, and included the same people officials are constantly on about. The fact that the list was delivered in the wake of growing concerns that the US is being too demanding toward its allies in Pakistan, however, suggests that the Obama Administration simply doesn’t appreciate how the tense relationship has gotten so bad.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of