Sen. Kerry ‘Warns’ Pakistan of Tough Questions Ahead

Another Fence-Mending Mission Turns Sour

Sen. John Kerry (D – MA) was reportedly on a fence-mending mission to Pakistan over the past several days. With tensions rising between the US and Pakistan, the visit was seen as vital to restoring trust.

The visit appears to have turned sour, however, as reports today saw the senator chiding the Pakistani military and threatening the revocation of US aid to the nation. He cautioned the government that “tough questions” were ahead.

Ties with the US have become increasingly controversial across Pakistan, with opposition leader Nawaz Sharif urging the nation to stop accepting all foreign aid, particularly from the US, as a step toward the restoration of sovereignty.

The tone of Kerry’s visit echoes last month’s Pakistan visit by Admiral Michael Mullen, who also came on a “fence-mending” mission and ended up accusing the Pakistani government of direct terrorist ties.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of