Rebel Defenses ‘Failing’ as Gadhafi Forces Near Benghazi

Regime Forces in Central Ajdabiyah as Street Battles Continue

Though the Gadhafi regime has agreed to an African Union-brokered ceasefire deal, fighting has continued in the nation’s east, where indications on Sunday are that the regime is increasingly taking over Ajdabiyah.

Street battles are continuing and the fight is far from over, but Gadhafi’s troops are said to have seized the center of town now. Ajdabiyah is the last city before the rebel capital of Benghazi and has often been contested by the two factions.

Reports from the city say that neither side is using heavy armor much anymore because of the constant threat of NATO air strikes. Rather, the regime’s forces are copying the rebels’ practice of using civilian vehicles to drive to skirmishes.

Exactly when the prospective ceasefire might start to take effect is unclear, but African Union delegates have deployed to Benghazi to discuss it with the rebels. Previous offers of ceasefires from both sides have failed over disputes about where to draw the boundary between the two.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of