US ‘Disappointed’ With Somali Govt’s Lack of Progress

Terms Self-Proclaimed Govt's Extension of Term 'Unhelpful'

The US State Department today expressed disappointment with respect to the self-proclaimed “transitional” government of Somalia, saying it was frustrated by the lack of political progress by the regime.

The State Department did, however, praise the African Union troops deployed to prop the government up, saying that they control “60 to 70 percent of Mogadishu” now, a claim that if true may make this the most territory the government has controlled since the end of the failed Ethiopian offensive.

The State Department also took the government to task for the announcement that it was unilaterally extending its mandate for another three years to avoid an election while it still maintains control over only a trivial portion of the nation.

“This is not helpful,” insisted Assistant Secretary of State Johnnie Carson, adding that the Somali government should have gotten approval from the people of Somalia and “key partners” before announcing the move.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of