Libyan Rebel Forces Push Into Last Eastern Strongholds

Regime's Last Eastern Positions Under Siege

As mercenaries loyal to the Gadhafi regime pushed into the westernmost holdings of the rebels, in an attempt to create some room to operate around the capital city of Tripoli, the rebel faction was active in the far east, aiming to chase the regime’s loyalists out of their last strongholds in the region.

Indeed, while the protest movement spawned in the east and quite quickly took over ever major city in traditional Cyrenaica, the Gadhafi regime has held the tiny desert base of Rasianuf, a well defensible high ground that the rebels are now advancing on.

The protest movement’s leaders insisted that they want to keep the casualties minimal on both sides, but that they are determined to expel the remaining loyalists from the east, a move which would free up their forces to move west toward the regime’s power base.

Though it had initially seemed the regime was on the verge of total collapse, large amounts of funds used to recruit mercenaries from neighboring country have given them enough forces to retain a tenuous control on parts of the west.

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