Rebel Forces Prepare Final Push in Tripoli

Defections Net Rebels Top Commanders, Tanks

The rebel faction in East Libya has established a new “unified” command for the military forces which have defected from the Gadhafi regime onto the side of the protesters, and are looking at a final push against Tripoli.

And despite early warnings from some of the military commanders that they are “not ready” to take on the heavily armed, well-trained mercenaries loyal to the Gadhafi regime, others are suggesting that they are quite eager to end the regime’s hold on its last major city.

In fact with the protesters firmly in control over the vast majority of the nation’s military and its oil, the new unified command is out in force with machine guns and tanks, and appears to be massing its forces at Zawiya, just outside of Tripoli.

Of course, the protesters took over most of the country not through military force but through popular uprising, and it is unclear whether they will need much military force to take the rest of Tripoli, apart from defending themselves against mercenary forces.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of