Senators: Afghan Psy-Ops Report ‘Disturbing’

War-Loving Senators Didn't Need Much Convincing Anyhow

Senators who were said to have been targeted by the US Army’s Psy-Ops campaign designed to secure more funding and escalations of the war in Afghanistan have expressed concern about the “disturbing” allegations, calling on the military to fully investigate them.

And the military has promised to do so, although efforts appear to be centered around downplaying the seriousness of the revelation that the military is acting as a de facto pro-war lobbying firm when Senators visit war zones.

Of course it should be mentioned that most of the Senators who do visit Afghanistan aren’t there on fact-finding missions but for photo-ops, and Sen. Levin (D – MI), one of the supposed targets, insisted he “never needed any convincing” and since he has been voting in a shamelessly pro-war manner for years it is hard to question him on that point.

So while Americans should probably not seriously think the army changed anyone’s minds with its politicking to visiting war enthusiasts, they should likely be concerned that the army has set itself up to use deception and deceit to convince people of the need for more wars, a policy which is reflected not just during these visits to war zones, but also during testimony to Congress at large and the American public, where their lies have been well documented in recent WikiLeaks releases.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of