Mullen Warns of ‘Foolhardy’ Call to Cut Aid to Egypt Junta

Insists US Enjoys 'Strong Military Relationship' With Egypt

Speaking to Congress today, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Admiral Michael Mullen lashed calls to cut military aid to Egypt and other nations, insisting it would be “foolhardy” to cut funding to Egypt’s junta in the wake of that nation’s revolution.

The world is a lot less predictable now than we could ever have imagined,” insisted Mullen, who praised the “strong military relationships overseas, such as the one we enjoy with Egypt,” and chided those who simply want to “save a buck.”

Or 1.3 billion bucks, annually, in the case of Egypt, which is what the US provides in the form of military aid. The massive level of funding has come under increased scrutiny during the massive deficit spending, particularly in the case of Egypt, whose military has untold billions of dollars in industrial holdings.

But Mullen’s claims of a “strong military relationship” don’t hold water in the first place, as the revolution in Egypy underscored just how little influence the US had with Egypt’s military when the chips were down. Just two weeks ago it was admitted that all the $1.3 billion annually got them was phone calls, now that the $1.3 billion is at risk officials insist it is a grave threat.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of